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Satin Pillow Bonnet

Satin Pillow Bonnet

$26.00 Regular Price
$19.50Sale Price

Satin Bonnets for your pillow that protect your hair and reduces breakage while you sleep. Perfect for those who don't like to wear hair bonnets or headwraps while sleeping or relaxing. A great day to double up on protecting your strands if you move a lot while sleeping. This is the perfect pack and go travel pillow case.

Fits like a pillowcase, protects like a bonnets and it’s reversible. This is perfect because unlike traditional satin pillowcases, this one won't slide off.

- The Standard/Queen size fits most American standard and queen size pillows.
- The King size fits most American King size pillows.

These are also perfect for protecting and maintaining hairstyles on small children (age 2yrs and up).

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