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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions? We've got answers. Learn more about Printed Bonnet here. 

What is "Ankara"?

Ankara also known as Dutch wax prints or African wax print , are materials commonly used for clothing in Africa. They are colorful cotton cloths with batik-inspired printing. It features great color intensity on the front and back sides.

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes we do. You can find out more here.

Why are some bonnets more expensive than others?

We work to keep our bonnet prices as competitive as possible. We take into account the fabric used and time spent to create the bonnets. African print fabric is quite beautiful and often is more expensive than satin. The prices are reflective of that.

What is the average ship time?

Orders are shipped within 5-business days of receipt. The shipping time is based on the shipping option you select.

Do you offer advise on natural hair care?

We do not offer professional advise on natural hair care but we do have blog where we talk about what has worked for us. You can also find some more tips on our YouTube channel here.

Will you do custom newborn bonnets?

Babies are cute and are still growing. While we do love to work with everyone, we feel that babies are still gaining mastery of their head movements and wearing a bonnet to sleep can be dangerous for them. As such, our bonnet sizes start at the toddler size.

Do you offer custom sizes?

We do offer custom sizes. Please send us an email prior to placing an order for a custom size.

About tags

We don't have tags on our bonnets to ensure 100% comfort. Our bonnets will arrive with a pinned tag. Please remove the pin prior to wearing your bonnet.

How do I care for my sleep bonnet or bonnet wrap?

* Handwash in warm water and mild soap

* Hang to dry

* Use a warm iron on the cotton side. DO NOT iron satin side

How do I care for my shower bonnet?

* Wipe clean with warm water and mild soap

* Do not iron

How large are your bonnets?

Our bonnets are pretty large. You can see a demonstration of our bonnets here.

How do I care for my deep conditioning bonnet?

* Wipe clean with warm water and mild soap

* Do not iron

Do you vend at events?

We do vend at select events.

Where are the bonnets made?

All bonnets sold are made in the United States. Fabric is sourced from Africa.