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Wellness Talk: Self care is not selfish

Just how is your wellness impacted by your well-being? Wellness contributes to well-being, and a sense of well-being brings about better wellness habits.

The year is 2021 and the news is abuzz with the recent Oprah interview featuring the Duke and Duchekss of Sussex where it was revealed that the Duchess of Sussex had experienced issues that influenced the state of her well-being. An argument can be made that her well-being had been impacted by her lack of wellness which was likely influenced by past wellness activities she was unable to maintain in her new role.

But this is not a post about the royals. Let's talk about wellness...

Wellness by definition is about your physical health. It is the things around us that impact us physically. For example, a healthy meal can help you lose or maintain weight. This is part of a wellness plan because the outcome is physical.

Well-being on the other hand is about your mental and emotional health. Receiving "just because" flowers from a loved one can make you happy which puts you in a good mood. Or going on vacaation which then makes you feel more relaxed. Those activities contribute to your well-being.

When the Covid-19 pandemic began in early 2020, no one thought that a year into it, people would still be deaking with so many issues. Not the least of which is our well-bring.

Caution is planned into just about every activity. Whereas people would go shopping for their favorite lipstick and proudly wear it to work, with the mask wearing mandate in most areas, that is no longer the case.

But the fact that our lives have been altered in such a significant way does not mean we give up on those things that once contributed to our well-being.

Anxiety and suicide rates have gone up especially in young adults as a result of the pandemic.

With slight modifications to your wellness activities, you can achieve the same level of well-being you had in the past.

Here is a list of alternate activities that you can still enjoy safely while maintaining your well-being.

Take care of your hair at home is also a great way to maintain your wellness. A shower bonnet with fun prints is a great way to start your day. A satin lined sleep bonnet ensures you wake up without worrying about the state of your hair. A deep conditioning bonnet gives you the flexibility to move around your day at home without being "tied" to a plugged in hair dryer and when you're ready to head out, a bonnet wrap will have you going out in style.

What are some other ways you can think of to help maintain your wellness and well-being?

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