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DIY: Incredibles Themed Birthday Party

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Every parent likes to try to make their kids dreams come true.

I always let my kids choose their birthday theme and so far, their choices have been based on their current favorite TV character(s).

My youngest turned 4 and she decided she wanted an Incredibles Themed birthday party. Let's just say we have watched the Incredibles so many times that I have completely lost count. The funny thing is when she watches it and it gets towards the end, my little 4 year old will click on the scroll button and move the button all the way back to the beginning! Yup...she even knows the lines from the movie. Precious!

When she requested The Incredibles as her theme, I went searching for ideas. While I often look around, all the final things I come up with are based on the ideas I gather from different sources.

The first thing (of course) was her birthday gift bags. Because that's all the kids care about anyways.

I decided to make these for the kids.

The finished product. She loves it!!!

Here are some pictures from our celebration.

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