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Welcome to my African Bonnet Chronicles

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

I grew up hearing "take care of your hair, it is your God given crown."

Welcome to my first blog post.

I made the decision to go natural in 2014. It was an easy decision for me because I have never really been someone who cared about maintaining straight hair. I enjoy wearing my hair in its natural state because for me, it took less time.

Even though I don't spend much time styling my hair, I do my best to maintain it as it grows. Wearing my handcrafted African Print Satin Lined bonnet has been an excellent way for me to maintain my natural hair and to retain length.

I am 4+ years on my natural hair journey and I must say "I'm loving it."

I'll be sharing my African Bonnet Chronicles in this space as a way to express my love for my natural hair. I also dabble in DIY stuff and enjoy throwing themed birthdays for my kids so you'll be seeing some of that here as well.

Stay tuned and be sure to follow me on Instagram (, hashtags #printedbonnet #africanhairchronicles


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