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Reduce & Reuse - DIY Pad pouch

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

This year, I will be finding new ways to use fabric pieces as part of an effort to reduce waste and encourage others to do so.

I will be making and sharing items you can either hand sew, machine sew OR make with fabric glue.

These are quite possibly, the easiest pad pouches. If you don't know how to hand sew or don't have a sewing machine, you can also use fabric glue to create these.

You can adjust the size of the pouch to use for storing other items.

You will need:

- Fabric (at least 9 x 13 inches).

- Matching thread for sewing.

- Printed pattern you can find below

Sanitary Napkin Pouch template
Download PDF • 165KB

- A few moments to watch the video here on how to assemble and sew.

- NOTE: If using fabric glue, be sure it is fully dried before you flip your fabric.

These take about 10-minutes from the time you cut to the time you finish. Yes, it is THAT easy.

Want to learn to sew? Visit to register for a class. You can also request an one on one or small group virtual class.


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