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How to care for your Satin Hair Bonnet

Wearing a satin lined hair bonnet is a great way to prevent breakage due to friction from your hair rubbing on a cotton pillow cases. It also helps retain moisture and preserves your hair style at night.

Most people wear their bonnets every night and sometimes, during the day. As a result, it should come as no surprise that daily wear can also create a breeding ground for bacteria which can be harmful to your hair and your skin.

How often should you wash them:

This is a question only the wearer can answer but I have provided some guidance below.

- If you use a lot of products in your hair, you should wash your bonnet every 3 - 5 days.

- If you don't use a lot of products in your hair, you can wash your hair bonnet once a week.

- If you have very sensitive skin, you should wash your bonnet every 2 - 3 days.


Bonnets like other clothing items can go in a washing machine. However, the preferred method of care is to handwash them. If you do choose to put it in a washing machine, be sure to use the gentle cycle. If you have a mesh laundry bag, you can also place your bonnet in there before it goes in the washing machine.


To retain the elasticity of your bonnets, it is recommended you hang it to dry. If however, you are not able to wait, you can put your bonnet in a dryer using the "cool setting". This ensures that the elasticity of your bonnet will last.

The general rule of thumb is to treat your bonnets like you would your daily use items. In other words, wash your bonnet as frequently as you wash your bedsheets and towels since they are also considered personal hygiene wear.

It is very important that you take proper care of your hair bonnet so that it can last longer while also taking care of your hair.


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