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Having a comfortable sleep and shower bonnet

Wearing a head sleep or shower bonnet should be comfortable. You shouldn't get a headache after prolonged wear. In addition, your bonnet should be secure enough that it doesn't fall off when in use.

In this video, I demonstrate a good way to measure your head for a good fit.

For reference, most adult head circumference is between 22 and 24 inches. Our bonnets are made to accommodate that size. When in doubt, be sure to use the tips from the video and the ruler below to properly measure your head's circumference and communicate it in the comment section when placing your order.

That'll ensure that you are able to enjoy your bonnet for an extended period of time.

We generally make our bonnets a little snug but not snug enough to cause a headache. Why? All elastic items lose their elasticity over time. To ensure you get long term use of your bonnet, they are made snug.

However, if you find that your bonnet is too snug or causes a headache after prolonged wear, and you need just a little under an inch to make it more comfortable, you can put the bonnet around a size appropriate object (such as a rolled up pillow or mannequin head) for a day. We encourage you to only do this carefully because you do not want to loosen the bonnet beyond reasonable use. A snug but comfortable fit stays on all night.

Remember, when in doubt, get it customized. We also offer adjustable options for most of our bonnets.

Printable ruler
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