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3 Things I don't do to grow my hair

So if you have been following me on my hair journey, you'll know that I am what is considered a "lazy natural". I went natural with the express purpose of taking a lazier approach to my hair care.

I have seen a lot of natural hair bloggers and YouTubers talk about the things that they did that got their hair growing. While this is great and I am always happy to see it work for others, these are the 3 things I did not do but was still able to grow my hair to mid-back length.

1. I don't trim on a schedule. Hair dressers and stylists always say to trim on a regular basis. And most people have taken this to mean trim on a schedule. Some trim their hair every other month or every 6-weeks. Well, I take more of a "destroy when found" approach. I trim it when I notice anything that looks "off". I don't trim on a schedule and that has worked GREAT for me. Granted, that also means my hair is oftentimes not well layered. Since I wear my hair in its curly state 98% of the time, I am not too worried about layers. It all blends in well.

2. I don't avoid combing my hair. And I don't mean I finger comb it...nope. I use a comb with a wide tooth comb and then smooth it out with a detangling brush. I used to subscribe to the "don't comb your hair" gang and I've got to say, I saw A LOT more breakage when I did that. These days, I comb it at least once a week and also brush it and I have seen SIGNIFICANTLY less shedding.

3. I don't use too many hair products. When I watch YouTube videos, I often see the posters with TONS of product in their hair. And it is often hard for me to keep track of what to use first and last. After I wash my hair, I do 3 things. (1) I oil my scalp with my hair oil mix. (2) I apply a leave in conditioner. (3) I apply a moisturizer. That's it. I typically don't use gels on my hair because of its drying effect.

And that's it. I have kept it simple in the 6 years that I've been natural and my fine 3A/4B/4C hair is doing great!

And of course, the best thing I simply cannot live without is my satin lined bonnet. I wear it to bed every single night.


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