Why a Printed Deep Conditioning Bonnet?

✔ Our Printed Deep Conditioning Bonnet supports hair growth by improving scalp circulation

✔ Our Printed Deep Conditioning Bonnet supports hair growth by improving moisture retention

✔ Our Printed Deep Conditioning Bonnet supports hair growth by improving hair elasticity

✔ Our Printed Deep Conditioning Bonnet supports hair growth by reducing the risk of heat damage.


This beautiful Printed Deep Conditioning Bonnet is the perfect way to deep condition your hair on the go without missing a beat!

If you are struggling with retaining moisture, getting a beautiful curl definition, dry scalp and limp hair, then this bonnet is for you!

Printed Deep Conditioning Bonnet is a unique microwavable heat bonnet created made just for you.

Why go to a salon when you can achieve a salon quality deep conditioning treatment at home?

To maintain a healthy head of hair, it is often recommended that you do a regular deep conditioning treatment. This is where the Printed Deep Conditioning bonnet comes it. Heat opens up your hair’s cuticles and allows the conditioning treatment to penetrate your hair’s shaft and work to nourish your hair from the inside out.



Printed Deep Conditioning bonnet is for all hair types, textures and porosities. And because the bonnet offers indirect heat, you limit the risk of heat damage to your hair. It is eco-friendly and reusable which when heated in a microwave provides a full 30-minute of gentle moist heat for deep conditioning.



* Apply deep conditioner, protein treatment or product of choice to clean hair.

* Place plastic cap (included) over entire head.

* Lightly mist the terry cloth side of the Printed Deep Conditioning Bonnet with water.

For more, visit our YouTube channel on how to use our Deep Conditioning Bonnet. 



* Place cap with decorative side down on a microwave safe plate.

* Heat cap for 1 minute on high (microwave temperatures may vary). Test it out. If you wish to have it hotter, then incrementally heat for 20-seconds until you achieve desired heat level.


* Heating your Printed Deep Conditioning Bonnet for more than 2 minutes can cause severe burns.

* Always test the inside of cap to determine how hot it is. The decorative side of the bonnet doesn’t feel as hot as the inside.

Midnight Deep Conditioning Heat Cap (adult bonnet)


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