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- 1 adult reversible satin sleep bonnet AND
- 1 adult jumbo shower bonnet

Trendy and stylish bonnet keeps you looking stylish on the outside or inside, while the satin bonnet lining ensures your hair looks great in the morning!

Soft satin charmeuse helps with  your hair’s moisture retention while you sleep, exercise, or apply makeup. Thereby reducing hair dryness.

The satin lining of this bonnet reduces hair breakage by eliminating friction against your pillowcases.

Thick elastic band ensures that this bonnet stays on all night long, no matter how much you toss and turn! 

This is a great investment that's sure to last for years!! 

Visit WWW.PRINTEDBONNET.COM for more of our unique and beautiful items.

All bonnets can be made to fit kids or infants.

Bundle deal waterproof shower and reversible sleep bonnet