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Reduce and Reuse - Sew a Squishy Ball

In our continued effort to reduce waste and reuse fabric scraps, this is an easy project that puts your scraps to use.

Do you know someone who has just had a baby OR has a very active 4-legged family member? This is a great fun gift for them. Mix and match it with fabrics you already have laying around and you're ready to go.

Best part? You don't need to purchase stuffing for the ball. Just cut up some additional fabric pieces to stuff it.

This ball can be made with a sewing machine or hand sewing. It may be a little difficult to work with fabric glue given all the parts so I do not recommend using fabric glue for this project.

To begin, you will need 6 pieces of this fabric pattern. I recommend you trace this on to a piece of cardboard (I use amazon delivery boxes) so you can use it as often as needed.

Sew a Squishy ball
Download PDF • 412KB

Next, you will arrange the first 2 pieces with the right side facing each other.

Then the next piece will be placed inside of the "sandwich" you just created with the right side facing one of the sandwich pieces.

You will repeat this. Always making sure that the right side is always facing the right side of the previous piece.

You will do this until you have sewn all 6 pieces together.

Then sew the last piece to the first piece from the original "sandwich" as illustrated in the video. But leave a small opening to add the stuffing.

Once fully stuffed, you can hand-stitch it using an invincible stitch. You also have the option to add a little holder to it. To do so, just sew a 6 x 3 inch strip of cloth or a 1/2 inch ribbon and then attach it as needed.



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